"The 3 Short & Simple Text Messages That Use Scientifically Validated Reverse Male Psychology To Make Your Disengaged Ex-Boyfriend Want To Come Running Back Into Your Arms Once Again ... ASAP!"

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Full of proven strategies and techniques based on "Scientifically Validated Reverse Male Psychology"

Not only will you have him fall in love with you all over again, but you will develop a deeper, more intimate connection and relationship with him.

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  • WHY your ex gave up on you ... and decided to break it off.
  • What to do if you end up getting back with your ex so you don't end up losing him again.
  • 6 Relationship Destroying Traits you may have unknowingly displayed that killed the spark and attraction in your relationship, drove your ex further away, and played a huge role in your ex's decision to finally leave you.
  • The ONLY way to rebuild your relationship again to create a fresh new start.
  • While simply ignoring your ex can work, it is not enough and it can backfire! Discover how to do it right.
  • The key emotional state your ex needs to experience before being open to rebuilding a new, stronger and more vibrant, relationship with you ... and what you can do to get him to experience it.
  • How to go about raising your value and boosting your confidence to amplify your "feminine enchantment", in order to spark his attraction for you all over again and see you in an entirely new (and better) way.
  • How long to wait BEFORE you try to reconnect with your ex ... and the BEST way to do so (while avoiding the number one way that is a big mistake and will sabotage your efforts).
  • The ONLY reason (and the way) to contact your ex BEFORE saying or doing anything else ... in order to re-open the communication for getting him to re-consider taking you back as his loving partner.
  • How to keep the conversation going and escalating it after the initial first contact to increase your chances of restarting your relationship with him.
  • How to get HIM to want to have "the talk" with you!

PLUS These Simple Guidelines:
  • Guidelines for messaging your ex-boyfriend to win him back.
  • Guidelines for the "Magnetic Attraction Period".
  • Guidelines for the first face to face meeting ... and WHAT to do to engage him and get HIM thinking about getting back with you (like it's his idea).
  • Guidelines for flirting with your ex to re-spark his desire for you.
  • Guidelines on when and how to invite your ex over to your place (don't do this too early on)!